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Sep 19, 2020

Charles Hubbell interviews Deceived Podcast Producer Russell Johnson. Russell survived eight years in a cult, and is dedicated to informing others about the deceptions of Chung Moo Quan and other dangerous cults. Russell learned research, became a private investigator, and today works in the security field. He has also immersed himself in film and television: as a writer, production assistant, actor, producer, location manager, and on the Development Team at Twin Cities Film Fest. In this interview, Russell explains what to expect in the 12 episodes of Deceived: The Moo Years. He hopes to help the general public, by learning critical thinking, to recognize cults, and how to evaluate a threat. He expects new information to come forward as a result of the podcasts. Russell introduces those that influenced him, helping him decide to do the podcast, and those that helped assemble the podcast series. Russell is interested in getting the truth out there, and finding out: Who was John C. Kim? "Deceived: The Moo Years" is the true story of one young man's compelling, at times terrifying, former involvement with the martial arts cult Chung Moo Quan.